Dr. Jordan Wheeler Kincaid
Fitness, Medical and Expert in Weight loss

Dr. Jordan Wheeler Kincaid understands the importance of food and nutrition in business and calls nutrition a key factor in productivity, morale, and overall success. Dr. Kincaid is committed to helping companies create workplace environments that foster healthy eating habits while still providing delicious meals.
To further support the importance of food and nutrition in the workplace, Dr. Kincaid has also been certified in Food Safety Management by ServSafe®, a leading provider of food safety training programs. His certification ensures companies get the support they need for food safety compliance, and his equipped to develop training programs for their staff.


Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana
Bachelor’s in Food and Nutrition in Business


– Culinary Nutrition from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition
– Weight Management from the American Council on Exercise
– Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) from the Commission on Dietetic Registration