How To Lose Weight From Your Hands – Reduce All Extra Fat

How To Lose Weight From Your Hands
How To Lose Weight From Your Hands

Want to know how to lose weight from your hands? Each body has its unique way of distributing its extra fat. It can be on your thighs, buttocks, arms, belly, or even fingers. Yes, you heard right. Even the smallest body part does count.

When it comes to a particular body part, it is quite difficult to target the subject. It takes complete body exercises, even if you are focusing on your single-part makeover.

Well, no need to worry in this context anymore! With the help of proper exercise sets and your diet plan, you can now make it possible. Let us take a deeper look at the process of how to lose weight from your hands.

Why Go For Different Exercises?

If you are a gym person, you must be aware of the different gym days labeled as biceps day, arm day, leg day, chest day, and so on. But why so? Answers lie straight in your body formation. 

Our body is a combination of different muscles. All collaborate in a certain way to give proper shape and structure to the body. 

When it comes to your hand, you need to focus on the biceps, triceps, forearm, wrist, and digits equally to get that perfect tone shape. In addition, to give your arms a flawless look, the chest, upper back, and shoulder muscles play a major role. So just in case, do not forget these too!

Now let us come straight to the exercise part of how to lose weight from your hands. Numerous sets must be performed in a certain way and daily to get those tonearms. Some of the major game changers are-

Arm Circles

This falls in the category of beginners’ exercise. This particularly focuses on your biceps and triceps. The area covered in your circles may vary accordingly, but maintain an equal amount of tension throughout your session. Don’t be lenient on that for perfect results!

Arm Front Raises

Other beginners exercise with the same focus area. Just stand straight, bring your hands vertically to chest level, and then raise your head. Bring down with the same pace. For better results, you can grab the weights in your hands or, if not, a simple plastic water bottle can do the same. 

Arm Lateral Raises

This is particularly designed for the top of your shoulders. Just stand straight and horizontally and lift your hands. Firstly move them halfway up to your chest level and then lift them to touch your ears. Try to do this without weights or light weights so as not to give them extra pressure.

Wall Angles

It will help you to attain maximum shoulder mobility. Make a certain angle with the wall as you are doing squats. Your tailbone, upper back, and head should be linear with the wall. 

After being set up, lift your hands parallel to the floor. Try to hold on to the position for at least a minute. You may go up to 3-4 minutes for the maximum time limit. Make sure you must be on a slippery floor or in shoes. Taking precautions is worthwhile while performing such exercises.

Downward Dog To Plank

This is precisely for your chest, shoulders, and triceps. This is a must-do exercise after you learn your beginner’s state. Take a pushup plank position with your arm straight and hands under your shoulders. Apply pressure on your arms, take your hips backward, and again come down to the downward dog pose. 

Make your balance and be stabilized before going for the second round. Make sure you apply maximum pressure on your arms for the best results. Do not do this if you are in a hurry to wrap up your workout session. First, take command, and then you can go to the next level.

Plank Tap

This again focuses on your triceps, biceps, and your shoulders. It can be counted under your plank variant. Take your regular plank position with keeping your hands under your shoulders and arms straight.

Make a stable posture and tap your right shoulder with your left hand. Now go with the left shoulder and right hand. Make sure your balance should be maintained throughout the process to avoid the chances of slipping.


We all must be aware of this classic pushup exercise. This is the best way to strengthen your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Take your plank position while keeping your elbow at 45 degrees or close to your sides. Lower your entire body until your upper arm becomes parallel to the floor. 

Now push yourself back to regain the top position. 

Having perfect control of the body is what it demands!

Triceps Dip

The target muscle of this last exercise is your triceps and chest. All you need is a chair or a table to perform this exercise. Place your hands on two opposite arms of the chair. Shift your bottom part forward to give you a clear appearance of dip. You can alter this according to your body strength.

Now bend your legs and do not shift your feet from the ground. Look straight into the procedure and grab the prop with a definite amount of hold. Slowly bring yourself back to the original position and repeat it similarly.

These are some of the exercises involved in the process of how to lose weight from your hands.

Minimum Number To Repeat The Sets

How To Lose Weight From Your Hands
How To Lose Weight From Your Hands

Well, there are no such cut-to criteria for any of such exercises. Different bodies demand different numbers when it comes to gaining certain results. It would be best if you found out by regularly practicing the same set to get your minimum number. 

Some Criteria To Set Before Starting Exercises

  • As per Ayurveda, there are some sets of rules which you can keep in mind while starting your regular exercise routine. 
  • Make sure you do not exhaust your body while repeating exercise sets. Make a minimum count but do not go beyond your limits.
  • Don’t think about getting the results overnight. It takes regular contribution of your time and strength when toning your body.
  • If you are sweating profusely and feeling dehydrated, then it is wise to take a break and let yourself hydrated before starting the other sets. Never do your regular settings without a bottle of water.
  • Be strict in your regular exercise pattern. You may add some other exercises to give extra emphasis on your hands. But never jump to another level leaving your basic one.

Get Your Calorie-Restricted Diet

Counting calories according to the body’s needs is the physical mantra for losing extra body fat. Minimizing additional fat intake will help you achieve your goal more shortly and stably. There are certain apps other dieticians plan that you can follow to get the results.

Will Eating With Your Hand Help In Your Weight Loss?

According to the research, you tend to eat faster when you eat with a spoon. This all leads to a larger amount of food intake than a requirement. On the other hand, if you eat with your hands, you tend to eat slower and feel a sense of fullness.

Paying attention to what you are eating is the ultimate key to keeping your food check under control.

Bottom Line

So that was all about how to lose weight from your hands. Keeping your arm’s tone is not the bigger task now! By adopting a proper restricted diet and setting yourself a minimum standard will definitely take you in the long run when it comes to exercise. Your body comes before anything else. Do not exhaust it in the name of exercise! Be aware of your limitations. 

Dr. Cornell Heller

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