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How To Lose Weight On Methadone
How To Lose Weight On Methadone

Are you looking for how to lose weight on Methadone? In this busy life, taking time out for exercise is quite difficult. That is why people are using every other means to lose weight and get fit.

Medications are the other popular means that are going viral to lose certain weight. Methadone is the preferable medicine that is used under this category.

A large population is getting results and has lost some extra fat in the body. But when it comes to safety purposes, people are still unsure about the product. So let us take a deeper look at the results and effects of methadone and how to lose weight on Methadone.

What Is Methadone?

We all are aware of opium. It is a very good pain reliever when used in the proper surveillance of doctors. But its high dose can lead to addiction and other hallucinations. Dangerous right?

Methadone is the same category drug. It belongs to the narcotics family. But it is much safer than its other family-related groups. Humans make methadone. It is not derived. Naturally, that is why it does not have any raw form. 

What Does Methadone Do?

The main role of the opium category is to relieve pain. Methadone is also used to resolve the same purpose. It alters the brain and nervous system. Methadone diminishes the signals from the brain of any pain and thus gives the feeling of relief.

Another role of methadone is to block the signals created by the high uses of cocaine, heroin, morphine, and other addictive drugs. Methadone is also named as the replacement therapy drug. It will give the patients a similar feeling to opioids. Thus leading to opioid withdrawal without the withdrawal symptoms.

Query About Methadone And Weight Loss

How To Lose Weight On Methadone
How To Lose Weight On Methadone

Methadone has numerous effects when it comes to the body. How and when we are using the medication creates different effects on weight. 

Generally, during replacement therapy, methadone is used to replace the addiction to narcotics. The worst side effect of using long-term narcotics is large pounds of weight loss. Because of the drug, they do not feel hunger or thirst during their intake period. The only thing their body demands is opium. 

Then What Happens When They Start Replacement Therapy?

Methadone, when used during the replacement therapy, replenishes all the lost weight in the body. It is a highly effective drug that not only resists narcotic needs but also manages to overcome the loss caused by the prolonged use of opium.

Thus, for people recovering from narcotics loss, weight gain will be the evident effect of methadone on the body.

Dependency Of Methadone

Our brain is a very delicate part. It can easily depend on something that gives it a feeling of relaxation. 

Addiction to anything will create a certain kind of effect on the body. Either it can be weight loss or weight gain. Generally, it depends on our product to make such an effect.

When it comes to methadone, our brain can also depend on human-based medication. It is not a big deal for the body! Our body works on the principle of the effect caused by the drugs on it. 

If methadone is taken regularly without supervision, the effect created by methadone can lead to addiction to this drug.

While on the methadone dependency period, the drug will stop the body’s dependency on food, exercise, and other essential deeds. The only thing for which the body will crave is methadone. During this time, a person will suffer from heavy weight loss. It will feel like a loss of energy. 

Due to the unavailability of food, the body will start processing the underlying fat to stay alive. This person will suffer from severe weight loss.

Other Side Effects Of Replacement Therapy

Each body shows different effects of methadone on the body, but still, some are common. Some of the products are due to the introduction of methadone in the body thus, will last only a few weeks. 

Other effects are due to the long-lasting use of methadone itself. Some of the major visible results are-

  • Dry mouth
  • Insomnia
  • Constipation
  • Loss of energy
  • Chills
  • Excessive precipitation

Understanding Methadone And Weight Loss Theory

The act of methadone and how to lose weight on Methadone is very simple. The drug tricks our brain into replacing the addiction to narcotics with itself. Because they both provide the same kind of effect, our brain got tricked; thus, methadone became a hero for the replacement therapist.

But our body has a different theory when it comes to losing weight with methadone. Our body reacts to how we depend on methadone for weight management. 

If we focus on using the drug as an alternative, it will replenish the loss caused by the other harmful dependent drugs. But if the use of methadone centralizes the idea of weight loss, then its dependency may cause more weight loss than required. 

That is why it is wise to select your objectives for taking drugs beforehand.

Different Ways To Use Methadone

Methadone used for weight loss can be used in many ways. Originally, it came from tablets, powders, and liquids. According to your age, body structure, and dependency, your doctor will decide on the perfect dose of methadone.

Doses may vary between the treatments too. It all depends on how your body reacts to the given amount. The main aim while deciding the perfect quantity is to create the least dependency and side effects of methadone. 

Methadone Storage And Disposal

  • Methadone should always be stored in its original form. 
  • The container should be tightly sealed to prevent wastage
  • The drug should always be kept out of reach of infants and children
  • Methadone should be kept at room temperature. Away from heat and moisture.

Expired methadone for weight loss should not be used at any cost. It may adversely affect your body. It can also lead to fatal conditions or even death. So always be careful and check expiry before purchasing methadone.

Is Using Methadone Legal?

Well, though, methadone is a human-made product, but still, it belongs to the opioid family. Due to its dependent feature in most countries, it can not be given without a legal prescription.

Methadone used for weight loss should be regularly monitored. Even the slightest dependency of the body on methadone should be taken care of wisely.

How To Select A Dose Of Methadone For Weight Loss?

How To Lose Weight On Methadone
How To Lose Weight On Methadone

When learning about how to lose weight on Methadone, it is important to also know the dose of methadone to be taken. Methadone dose is always the subject of discussion among people. It must be chosen very precisely and in the least quantity. When you have to start methadone, start its dose in a tapering order.

Do not reach its prescribed quantity in a day. Take a few months before getting a certain amount of dose.

When your body gets used to that dose, increase the amount to the next step. The same order has to be followed when it’s time to leave the medicine.

Bottom Line

Methadone itself has many different effects on the body. Weight loss or gain is just one effect of the drug on the body. Keeping this in mind, be sure to use methadone carefully by reading all the necessary information about it in our blog How To Lose Weight On Methadone above. 

Its effects or side effects depend on the way how it is used. Highlighting only one benefit of methadone can impact your other body functions negatively. Using methadone as a weight loss remedy is a good alternative only if its effects on the body are being monitored by physicians closely.

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