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How To Lose Weight On Arimidex – Arimidex And Weight Loss

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How To Lose Weight On Arimidex
How To Lose Weight On Arimidex

Are you looking for how to lose weight on Arimidex? Read to know more. Losing weight using medications is today’s generation’s most widely used method. With a stressed lifestyle and no time to hit the gym, medications are the friendly way to lose the body’s extra weight.

But this concept does not go well with all medicines. Calories should be consumed in the form of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables rather than sugary foods, alcohol, or white bread.

A large number of the population is using Arimidex to lose weight. The results from them are quite distinguished in form. Not all people have experienced similar weight loss effects while using regular Arimidex.

Many factors have come across while researching medicine regarding losing weight. Let us dig deeper into the context of losing weight with Arimidex.

What Is Arimidex?

Arimidex is the brand name of anastrozole. It lies in the category of third-generation aromatase inhibitor. The target point of the aromatase inhibitor is to block the production of estrogen. It is super efficient and has shown high tolerability over endocrine agents.

Regarding cancer, India has ranked fourth among all countries in spotting cancer cases. Cancer has no gender and little inclination towards any particular sex. Women have faced tremendous growth in breast cancer cases in the last decade. However, the cause of cancer before and after menopause varies in women.

Arimidex is the drug of choice when fighting post-menopausal breast cancers. It should be kept in mind that Arimidex should not be used in women before menopause. Because it lowers the number of receptors on which estrogen binds. Estrogen is an important hormone during pregnancy that helps produce milk after conceiving. 

Arimidex And Weight Loss

Let us go into more detail on how to lose weight on Arimidex. Each body has a different effect of Arimidex regarding weight loss. Both males and females use Arimidex for their weight management. However, the main action of the drug is to alter the estrogen receptors in the body.

When we think about the processing of fat cells in the body, the role of estrogen also pops up from the corner of the mind because both are linked with each other at the cellular level when it comes to weight loss. 

Estrogen is an important hormone in the body that has multiple functions. From the regulation of mood to energy level, estrogen is present everywhere. The proper amount of estrogen level is important in maintaining the basal rate of the body accurately. 

If the estrogen level exceeds the limits or is too little in the body, the body will show its effect by gaining extra weight in both conditions. Here the role of Arimidex comes into the picture.

Arimidex lowers the presence of extra estrogen by blocking its receptors on the cell’s surface. This leads to the perfect estrogen level in the body, which directly alters fat accumulation and excretion. 

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Arimidex And Weight Gain Theory

How To Lose Weight On Arimidex
How To Lose Weight On Arimidex

Arimidex is a medicine that is widely used throughout the world in the treatment of post-menopause breast cancers in women. While under treatment, many patients have experienced weight gain rather than weight loss. This is due to the number of estrogen receptors in the cells. 

When it comes to cancer treatments, the minimum duration of treatment lasts from 6 months to one year. This long-time estrogen inhibition theory leads to fewer receptors on the cells, due to which weight gain occurs in the body. 

The weight gain is due to the fewer hormone receptors and the long-term treatment effects. People using Arimidex for weight loss might experience weight gain if the drug is continued without the regular check on body estrogen levels. So make sure to repeat the test every two months to avoid any side effects of Arimidex.

Other Side Effects of Arimidex

When we say the term side effects, it depends on the body and how long it will take to show certain symptoms. Some of the effects might have appeared just after a day of taking medication. Generally, these symptoms mimic the same series seen with menopause, such as hot flashes and trouble sleeping. 

And for others, it might take a year or two, depending on the body. 

Some of the major effects of Arimidex are-

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Mood swings
  • Weak bones
  • And many more. 

 Some long-term side effects damage liver and kidneys if not regularly monitored. So it is better to always start the Arimidex in supervision to avoid any long and short-term effects. 

Arimidex In Males

A part of the male population has experienced breast enlargement. It occurs due to the aromatization of steroids. Many males take steroids illegally to enhance body muscles and sexual drive. In the long term, it can affect the body by increasing the number of female hormones, especially estrogen.

Arimidex is one such tablet used by males to counter the effect of estrogen in the body. This diminishes breast enlargement in males. Further, it can be corrected by proper exercise and diet together for good shape.

Illelagy, Arimidex is also used in building extra muscles while hitting the gym. However, this also has the same negative effect on the body when used for long periods by males.

Some Tips To Lose Weight Caused By Arimidex Treatment

How To Lose Weight On Arimidex
How To Lose Weight On Arimidex

Patients suffering from breast cancers after menopause need to take long-term Arimidex treatment. Due to this, there is excessive weight gain as a side effect of long-term medications. Generally, in old age, losing weight is not an easy task.

Body muscles and energy both get lower daily, so heavy exercise for weight loss cannot be performed. 

But some initial steps can be taken on time to minimize the negative impact of treatment on the body-

  • Checking the calories during the intake of food 
  • Try to avoid sweets, alcohol, and white bread.
  • Include more green vegetables and soups in the meal
  • Do not sit for long hours. Make a habit of moving every two hours to keep the muscles and body active.
  • Try to do warm-up exercises in the morning every day
  • Drink plenty amount of water to stay hydrated
  • Set a time for your meals. Avoid taking snacks between or near your meal time. 
  • Eat slowly and with your hands. It will give you a sense of fullness when you finish your meal. 

Is Arimidex Legal?

It is equally important to know the legality of a drug when learning about how to lose weight on Arimidex. Governments of many countries have sets of medicines that cannot be used without the proper prescription of doctors. This is done to save people from its long-term side effects. Arimidex is one such medicine!

Many countries have banned the single use of drugs other than breast cancer cases because of their long-term effects on the body. Arimidex can not be started or stopped in a day. It takes a whole month to set the dose according to the body’s needs and conditions to set the particular amount.

Otherwise, it can create an emergency and negatively affect the body. It is best to start the Arimidex for weight loss with supervision. 

Bottom Line

So now you know how to lose weight on Arimidex. Arimidex is a highly useful tablet when it comes to fighting breast cancer. It should be noted that Arimidex is not used before menopause in women. However, it is still used illegally in bodybuilding and other areas which can cause long-term damage to the body. 

Using Arimidex for weight loss requires proper surveillance of estrogen levels and other side effects. Excessive use of tablets for managing weight may cause weight gain and organ damage. It is better to take consultancy from the start before introducing Arimidex to the body.

This was all about our blog post on How To Lose Weight On Arimidex. Read our other articles to know more about losing weight from different parts of your body.

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