How To Lose Weight On Keppra – Lose Weight While On Keppra

How To Lose Weight On Keppra
How To Lose Weight On Keppra

How to lose weight on Keppra? Read to know more. In this sedentary lifestyle, everyone tries to find the easiest way out in every field. Either it’s about the fastest route delivery or about losing your extra fat if it is easy then it is in the game. Well. Coming to body fat, maintaining weight with the help of medications is the most common method in today’s era. 

Losing weight and enjoying life go side by side with the present generation. Keppra is the same category of drug that is widely used today to reduce body fat. However, when it comes to its effect, there are plenty of products of a single drug on the market. The same goes for Keppra. Let us look at the results and metabolism of the drug in the body and how to lose weight on Keppra.

What Is Keppra?

Levetiracetam is a group of drugs used to control the partial onset of seizures in their early stages. The medicine can be used alone or with other medications to treat seizures. It comes under the class of seizures known as anticonvulsants. The main action of this class is to lower the activity of the hyperactive brain. They alter with the brain’s chemical reactions, giving them a sense of calmness.

How To Use Keppra?

How To Lose Weight On Keppra
How To Lose Weight On Keppra

Keppra comes in both liquid and tablet forms. It is advised not to chew the tablet as it can cause a bitter taste inside the mouth. Ideally, it is used twice daily to prevent the active chemical release of the brain.

While calculating the dose, measuring the exact amount of medicine is necessary. A Smaller amount of medication will not have the right effect on the body. In contrast to it, a higher amount of dose will lower the normal activity of the brain, making you all dizzy and slow throughout the day. 

Keep in mind that if you are using a liquid, do not use regular household spoons. Take a proper spoon with all the markings written on it and then measure the liquid. In anticonvulsant drugs, it is more important to measure the exact quantity of the drug.

Dose Of Drug

The dose of the drug depends on the severity and conditions of the body. Anticonvulsant medications should not be started or stopped by yourself. Proper medical advice is a must before beginning Keppra for the body.

There is a rule for using drugs when using Keppra, “start slow and increase very slowly .”These class drugs take time to set the correct dose for the body. Increasing its amount in a single go will negatively impact the body. So be patient while starting these drugs for the body.

Side Effects Of Keppra

Depending on the body type, Keppra shows different side effects in each body. It majorly depends on the severity of the convulsions and the dose of the medicine. Some of the effects have been shown just after the 3-4 days of medicine intake, while major effects come to show only after one month of continuous use of Keppra. If any symptoms go beyond their limits, you should directly seek medical help.

Some of the major side effects of Keppra are-

  • Weakness
  • Unsteady walking
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constipation
  • Joint pain
  • Double vision
  • Excessive sleepless
  • Aggressions

Precautions Need To Be Taken With Keppra

There are some precautions to be taken when learning about how to lose weight on Keppra. Many of the population are allergic to the Keppra group of anticonvulsants. They face a severe allergy and might be hospitalized due to their allergic reactions. Doing a test dose test is a must before starting Keppra for convulsions. 

The drug has a feature of making you dizzy or drowsy in its first month. So, if you are also feeling the same, then it might be due to the drug. Avoid riding bicycles or doing machinery work or any other chores that need your complete alertness. Taking precautions is the first step while taking Keppra.

Limit alcoholic beverages while taking Keppra drugs. Alcohol lowers the absorption of drugs in the body by interfering with its absorption mechanism. Any medicines that hamper Keppra’s absorption should not be taken together.

Every drug has specific actions in the body that require a minimum amount of time. If it is excreted before time, it will be useless for the body to take anticonvulsant drugs.

Keppra And Weight Loss

How To Lose Weight On Keppra
How To Lose Weight On Keppra

However, the drug federation has approved no official statement about using Keppra for weight loss. But much research shows that Keppra can be used as a weight management drug.

Seizures come in the body when the brain cells are hyperactive. A set of chemical reactions alters the normal brain signals in the body. Weight management is an important process of the brain.

If normal brain activity is hampered, then its effect is also shown in weight alterations. Some patients reported having extreme weight loss, while others had a weight gain process.

Each body is different and reacts differently to the activity of brain cells. Weight gain and weight loss depend on the cells’ metabolic rate. In some cases, Keppra acts as a placebo medicine in weight management. It does not alter the normal weight process and becomes static in the whole process. 

Steps That Can Be Taken To Reduce Body Fat 

There are endless strategies present in the market that claim to reduce weight in a very fast manner. When it comes to losing body fat while using Keppra, it should be kept in mind that the patient’s body is on the priority level. No vigorous exercises should be introduced to him that may bring aggression to the patient while using Keppra for weight loss. 

Using light exercises depending on the body’s capability is the perfect set of exercises for disturbed neurological patients. Some of the perfect tips for losing extra ounces of fat in such cases are-

  • Opting for intermittent fasting
  • Check your calorie intake meter
  • Exercises are necessary
  • Eating without distractions
  • Use your hands for eating
  • Take enough sleep
  • Stay away from anxiety and depression
  • Go for a protein breakfast
  • Cut the carbohydrates and refined carbs
  • Fiber is the key

Take Care Of Your Gut

Our gut contains numerous amounts of bacteria. These bacterias are important for proper digestion of food that directly influences body weight. Restricting diet will also limit the good bacteria in the gut. Later on, this will all together develop different ailments of the stomach. 

In epileptic patients, gut bacteria are also affected due to the imbalance of brain reactions. Taking extra supplements that will increase your gut health can also lower the anxiety level caused by the discomfort of acidic mediums of the gut. However, this does not directly affect the body fat, but due to the interconnections of the body, it plays an important role in stabilizing the mood of epileptic patients. 

Bottom Line

So now you got the idea of how to lose weight on Keppra. When it comes to weight loss, it is important to remember there is no fast way to lose excess fat. Restricting diet might help lose weight for a short period but will not go in the long run.

Exercise and a proper diet are the only way to get the perfect body shape for the long term. These medications will only help you reduce the duration of weight loss. But this also depends on the metabolic activity of the cells. Keeping all the factors in mind it is important not to exceed the dose of Keppra in your daily routine. Your overall health should always be the priority before anything else. 

Dr. Cornell Heller

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